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Book Reviews

Seph Gannon has captured my heart. His passion in these pages has introduced me to people who have become part of my life

Mrs. D Whitaker | UK 

"This is a book I will keep and read again. What an uplifting tale.

The characters in this story are people you will adore."  

Bonnye Reed  |  Goodreads, USA

"My 16 year old daughter is a prolific book reader. Roxy took five 

books on holiday and read Ravelled first. She said the other

novels were flavourless in comparison."

 Phil Robbins | UK

"I've read 40 books so far this year and this was, by far, top of the list. 

I was totally captured, Ravelled just blew me away." 

Toni Berry |  Virginia, USA

 """"Whenever you pick something up from a new writer, you

don't know if you are going to like their style, but I was hooked

on this book right from the beginning"

 Blake Tice |  Net Galley USA

"A heart-warming and beautifully written book with powerful

themes of love, fate and friendship."  

Mrs Whitaker | UK

"Ravelled is a story of family, love and hardships. The

characters come alive in your heart and in your mind."  

Judy Tucker | USA

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